Zombie Tsunami

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About Zombie Tsunami

In the online game Zombie Tsunami, a lot of zombies wander the streets! While acting like a zombie in a crowded city, you become disoriented. You continue to run. You get around the road hazards that the car faces. You make money and, most importantly, find new partners on this trip. You will have more strength to solve difficult problems if you have many partners.


When playing Zombie Tsunami, you need to be aware of the following things.

  • First, pay close attention to the obstacles. Jumping is the best option if you lack the strength to push them. Leap through the openings. Try to execute the jumps precisely if you have a large team to avoid losing points for your teammates.
  • Second, you can recruit teammates by pushing large obstacles like airplanes or cars. To avoid hitting any of the bombs that will appear, you must also pay close attention. You can buy tools or accessories to help you out at the store with the coins you earn.

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