Slope 2 Player

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Play Slope 2 Player to enjoy a fun running game. In this game, you must drive a ball to collect as many diamonds as possible while avoiding obstacles. Participate in a two-player matchup!

This game is as thrilling as Cuphead, Subway Surfers, and Fish Eat Fish 3 Players. You can try these games to have more experience.

How to play

Jump as high as you can on the slanted boards to overcome impossible jumps. If you don't want to lose soon, don't run into the tunnel walls or neon signs on the track.

Make every effort to acquire as many diamonds as you can. You can purchase additional power-ups and new balls in the shop with the diamonds you earn.


  • PLAYER 1: Press the WASD keys to move.
  • PLAYER 2: Press the ARROW keys to move.

Slope 2 Player Modes

This game has modes for one player and two players. As a result, you and your friends and family can play this game together. Have fun!