Dumb Ways to Die

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About Dumb Ways to Die

The extremely absurd deaths that will take place in the game Dumb Ways to Die make you confused. This is a game that challenges your survival.

In this game, the situations range from falling out of a window to being hit by a car. Once you've selected "Play", the game will consist of only a series of very short, timed episodes in which you'll be tasked with ensuring the safety of the characters, all with the same physical appearance. lovely but extremely curious. However, use extreme caution as the more time goes by, the more difficult it will become.

Game Tips

Favorite players include holding a moose impersonator's wounds, keeping moves the piranhas away from a guy an extremely hilarious dance (see above doing and encouraging another man to run swiftly enough to put out a fire in his hair.

One of the optional games involves keeping a jet aloft for as long as possible. Because this is accomplished by blowing into the microphone of your device, you may want to turn it off if it is in an uncomfortable area or if it isn't there at all for some reason that is beyond my comprehension.

How to play

In the novel Stupid Ways to Die, each of the main characters gets into more dangerous situations. Your task is to keep them from disappearing and each successful attempt will give you a point.

Each lovable and wacky character, acting as a substitute for a given minigame, is at risk of death in a way that's different from the others. You use the left mouse button to control your character. After finishing the game, you will be awarded 100 points and proceed to the next round.