Geometry Dash

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About Geometry Dash

Referring to famous video games, it is impossible not to mention the game Geometry Dash. This is the best obstacle running game by game developer Robert Topala.

This year's newest endless runner game impresses with its user interface and colorful colors in levels. Geometry Dash players can quickly gain control by avoiding obstacles. Geometry Dash is attractive because players must use speed, timing, and skill to conquer all obstacles. The game requires rhythmic control of the block to avoid obstacles! Geometry Dash's unique gameplay and increasing complexity will always make it a fan favorite.

Geometry Dash consists of 21 levels, of which 18 are easy and three have hidden rewards. Players can build and share their versions online. As a result, players have created more than 77 million levels. Geometry Dash contains seven-game icons that change with each level. Switching ports makes the game difficult. Geometry Dash allows players to use the left and right mouse keys to move the blocks to avoid obstacles. The pads and spheres allow the player to change direction or gravity. This makes Geometry Dash irresistible. The developers of Geometry Dash link the stages as narratives to the logic. Each level has a tutorial and introduces opponents. When passing the screen, the player will receive money to increase the time in the left corner. After finishing the game, you can choose between blue, red, purple, yellow, and many more bricks.

The best features

  • Action-packed Rhythm Games with Platforming!
  • Quite a few levels, each with its original score!
  • Utilizing the level editor, you may create and share your unique levels!
  • Thousands of levels are created by players, and all of them are of very good quality!
  • Gain access to additional colors and symbols to further personalize your character!
  • Launch rockets, defy gravity, and do a ton of other cool things!
  • Make use of the practice mode to hone your abilities!
  • Numerous accomplishments and trophies to claim!
  • Put yourself to the test with something almost impossible!
  • Users of Steam will get access to two exclusive unlocked icons!


  • You use the left mouse button or the space bar to control the character.