Subway Surfers

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About Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a thrilling running online game for single players in which you take on the role of an adolescent trying to flee from a large security guard. Try this game, one of our website's most well-liked 3D street running games. In addition, you also try other games such as Burnin Rubber, Cuphead, and Fish Eat Fish 3 Players to have more experience.

How to Play

You play as a young man who likes to paint murals in Subway Surfers. However, his action is banned. Therefore, he was pursued by security. He was once observed drawing on the wall while fleeing a furious security guard for cover.

To acquire more cash, pause, leap, and slide your way through various obstacles. You can get access to brand-new characters, message boards, and a slew of other fantastic features by spending money.

How to control: Use arrow keys to control your character.