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About Murder

Murder is a dramatic assassination game that helps you experience the thrill of transforming into a bad person. Are you ready to transform into this new person?

Find a way to sneak up behind the king and then quietly and swiftly eliminate him. Be very cautious, because if he catches you, you'll be sent straight to the dungeon! Experience what it would be like to live the life of a normal vizier by playing the game Murder. If you are successful, you will become the next king but, you must be cautious since your advisor wants your throne. Murder gives you the opportunity to put your powers of observation and response to the test by letting you play the popular murder game online. You won't lose any money if you play Murder, but if you make a mistake, you might end up dead.


  • You shouldn't be frightened to let go of your knife even if the king turns around to look at you. When you are the king, put the knowledge and experience you gained in your role as the advisor to use by keeping an eye out for any assassination attempts.

How to play

  • Press SPACEBAR to perform your attack.