Four In A Row

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About Four In A Row

Welcome to Four In A Row where you can show your intelligence through a fascinating puzzle game. Win by forming rows of discs before your opponent. Are you ready to play this entertaining game?

This game is an entertaining game. It won't give you thrilling races like the Death Run 3D game. However, it's still enjoyable to play.

How to play

Have you ever played Snake Game or Cuphead? These games are classic games and the Four In A Row game is the same.

By first assembling a line of discs with the same color, you can outwit your opponent. You and your opponent must each drop a disc into the columns once to do that. In order to respond to your opponent's actions swiftly and precisely, try to prepare your winning moves in advance and predict his or her potential future moves.

Controls: Use your mouse to play this game.