Death Run 3D

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About Death Run 3D

Death Run 3D is a thrilling fast-paced running game that requires you to move and avoid all obstacles on your way. Like Geometry Dash Lite, this game is available on our website and if you have enough skill, it's possible to complete them without dying.

How to play

You can play this game by using WASD or Arrow keys. In this game, you will move quite quickly through the tube. Be aware that there are many hazardous obstacles in the tunnel. These obstacles not only move, but their placements might change at any time. You will crash into them if you are not careful for a few seconds, and the run will be over. Avoid them at all costs by moving quickly to the left, right, up, or down with your fingers and eyes. If you can overcome challenges in Cuphead, this game will become easier to conquer.

Try your hardest to advance and earn the highest score possible. This is also the goal of Electron Dash. You can challenge your friends to beat your highest score by inviting them to play Death Run 3D with you.