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About DRAWar.io

There is a new online multiplayer game called DRAWar.io. It is a simple game where players try to beat each other's base by drawing and guessing in real time. It is a multiplayer game like Smash Karts. The main goal of this game is to describe given words by drawing and guessing to get points. Try to get the highest points.

Easy Access

The most interesting thing about this game was that it was created with JavaScript and HTML5 technology which means anyone can play this online multiplayer war game without buying any software or looking for any cheat code. It is similar to Mope.io.

You can play this game on our website for free. On our website, there are many different games such as Cuphead. All games are free for all players. Use your smart devices with an internet connection to access our games to experience and enjoy your free time.