Smash Karts

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Play Smash Karts to experience a multiplayer kart battle game in which you need to collect weapons and eliminate other players to gain victory.

How to play

In order to play this driving game, you can choose to create new rooms, join existing rooms or join random rooms. Click on the Play button in the middle of the screen to play in random rooms. You can create new rooms using the Create button below the Play button. Next to the Create button, you can see the Join button where you can join the available rooms. The random or available rooms have other players waiting for you to fight.

You just need to be aware when you want to create a new battle room. After you press the Create button, an information table will appear. You can set various information about the game like mode, round format, score target, teams, bases, weapons, players, and arena codes. Set it up according to your preferences and create the ideal combat environment for you.

After you have entered the rooms, you will start fighting. Each round of the game takes place for a certain time. You need to try to survive and destroy as many enemies as you can. You will be the winner if you have the most points after the match ends. However, it is not simple to win. You need to compete with other players like playing Shell Shockers. However, your main characters are karts. Control karts to collect secret boxes on the map and get weapons. Each box has a weapon. Take advantage of these weapons to fight your enemies. Each weapon has different uses. If you want to change weapons, gather another secret box.

In addition, you also show your driving skills to control your karts. Moving abilities is extremely important. It will decide if you can avoid the attack of enemies or not. It is similar to the Cuphead game where you have to control your Cuphead character to shoot down bosses.

How to control

  • Arrows or WASD to drive.
  • Space bar to fire weapons.

More Information About Smash Karts

Release Date: March 2020.

Developer: Tall Team.

Updates: The Smash Karts game is updated in June 2020 with a new level, called The Gravel Pit.

Tips to play Smash Karts

In this game, you can't play this game well if you only use your eyes. Instead, you need to use both your ears to listen to the sounds. For example, you can hear the sound of rockets in the background. In this case, you can dodge rockets more easily. If you don't listen, it will be easy to shoot you down with rockets. Moreover, the sound is an important factor that makes the game more attractive. You can adjust the sound in the settings to suit you.

In addition, it will be dangerous if you turn your back on your opponents. Never let your guard down and always stay calm. Turn your back as soon as you sense danger. Good players will never let their backs turn to their enemies because this is when they are most vulnerable. Furthermore, when you turn your back quickly, you can surprise your opponent and leave them wondering what to do. After turning your back, immediately move to have more time to react to the weapons that are directed at you.

Finally, make sure you always have a weapon. You need weapons to be able to destroy other players.