Apple Worm

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How to play

Apple Worm is a multilevel puzzle game where you have to make the apple worm crawl from one side of the screen to another and reach the finish line. Like Cuphead, there are many levels in this puzzle game. It's a great game for children, but also for adults who want to challenge themselves with this type of game. If you want to play infinity games, you can try Scribble. In particular, the Scribble game allows you to compete with other players. However, the Apple Worm game also can be competitive because you can follow the leaderboard to compare the best score with other players.

The inspiration for Apple Worm

Snake Game mechanics may be recognizable to almost everyone. This Apple Worm game is now inspired by its mechanics. You must assist a worm who is trapped in a maze to escape. As soon as you enter the game, an exit gateway is shown. However, getting to that doorway will take a lot of time.