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About Scribble

Scribble is a game of strategy. You will have to plan your moves carefully in order to win the game! Like Snake Game, this game is an endless game in which you try to survive as long as possible to get the highest score.

Before you start this game, remember to choose your favorite color for your character and read the guidance. It will help you to play more easily.

More Information For You

Unlike Cuphead with adventurous gameplay, Scribble keeps you entertained with its straightforward fundamentals, simple controls, flexibility when it comes to sketching according to your interests, and competitive spirit. In this game, you can take part in a multiplayer competition to determine who has the most land and can survive the longest. Visit the iScribble.io website today to sign up and take advantage of the Scribble atmosphere!

This game has only one mode. It is different from Four In A Row with 3 game modes.