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About ZombsRoyale.io

The number one zombie shooter is here and it's better than ever! Experience the most exhilarating and thrilling action game of 2018! Welcome to ZombsRoyale.io, a new zombie apocalypse where you can pick your own path and fight other players. This game is a multiplayer game like Diep.io and Shell Shockers.

How to play

The future has been destroyed by wars that turn everyone into flesh-hungry monsters. You are one of the soldiers coming to a battlefield to fight. Your enemies come after you in every direction. In this fast-paced multiplayer survival game, do whatever you can. Collect weapons and items. Kill other players and become the last surviving players to gain victory. Note that there is a deadly gas. Don't stay in this gas for a long time. If not, you will die.

Controls: It can be more complex than Cuphead. Use WASD to move. Pree E to collect items. Click on items to use. Use your mouse to attack.