ZigZag Racer 3D Car Racing

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About ZigZag Racer 3D Car Racing

ZigZag Racer 3D Car Racing is a unique driving game that requires expert driving skills. Sitting in the driver's seat accelerates the corners of the class.

The ZigZag Racer 3D Car Racing Game is a Hyper Casual Game in which you may Drive the Car and adjust its direction by tapping on the screen. The level is produced for you automatically, and the background colors will change every few seconds to offer you an amazing experience while you are playing the game. The player remains interested thanks to the music in the background. Keep driving and try not to fall down.


  • Never-ending Grand Prix 3D printed
  • Randomly Generated Heights and Depths
  • Simple Controls
  • The background that Alters Its Color
  • Music in the Background That Rocks
  • Easy To Play

How to play

To play this amazing game you just need to click on each button. Be careful as soon as your wheel goes out your game will stop.