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About Superfighters

With classic graphics, the action in the Superfighters game becomes more attractive than ever. Enemy encounters will increase your bravery to face difficulties.

How to control the shooting game

  • Arrows = Move
  • N = Melee
  • M = Shoot
  • , = Grenade
  • . = Powerup

Every player will have a good time playing Super Fighters, often known as SF since it has a large cast of characters, a wide variety of weaponry, and a number of different gameplay modes. As soon as you start playing this flash game, you will understand that the visuals are not the reason why this game is so popular; the graphics are produced in a vintage style with images that are not very appealing. The gameplay and the features of this game are the most important aspects of it. You have the option of playing the game in single-player mode, where you may explore the game world and progress through the campaign, or you can play the game in multiplayer mode, where you will face off against real people. The player's primary objective in each stage is to survive while eliminating all of the antagonists there. This may prove to be a challenging endeavor given the large number of bottles that are capable of exploding as well as the diverse array of weaponry that users have access to. You may also toss grenades in order to cause the barrels that are full of gasoline to explode and create a loud noise.