Stickman Thief Puzzle

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About Stickman Thief Puzzle

Join the game Stickman Thief Puzzle will help the thieves steal all the items. Exciting puzzle game genre with upgraded missions to help you train your agility.

Outstanding features of the game

  • An uncomplicated game with an uncomplicated scenario
  • Other stickman characters in the same vein
  • One hundred different wacky and challenging burglar riddles
  • A challenging activity for the mind
  • No time restriction

How to play

  • Think about how to steal things then use the mouse to control the thief's hand.

A fun and challenging puzzle just for you! In the game, you get to play the role of a cunning and cunning criminal who tries to acquire everything he desires. You are a criminal who possesses bendable hands, which allows you to pilfer it with ease. Every stage presents you with a new criminal conundrum to complete, during which you might pilfer something, or you might just annoy someone. To answer the mystery of the burglar, make clever use of his special stretchy hand.