Stick Fighter

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About Stick Fighter

Immerse yourself in the fight with overbearing enemies in the game Stick Fighter will make you endless fun. There will be 6 characters for you to choose from.

How to control action game

  • Move & Jump - A/D (or Left/Right arrow keys)
  • Attack 1 - A (or Left)
  • Attack 2 - D (or Right)
  • Double Jump 1 - A, D (or Left, Right)
  • Double Jump 2 - D, A (or Right, Left)
  • Attack 3 - (While double-jumping) A (or Left)
  • Attack 3 - (While double-jumping) D (or Right)

In the video game Stick Fighter, you must be ready to take control of two stickman characters that are bursting with energy. While playing the game, you must do your best to experience an incredible melee fight and achieve victory.

Will you be able to hone your skills to perfection and deal lethal blows to all of your adversaries? Choose your favorite warrior from among the six available selections, then show the rest of the world that you are the most fearless fighter there is by fighting to the very end and never giving up on your quest to become the greatest warrior ever.