Save My Pets

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About Save My Pets

If you are looking for an addictive puzzle game then Save My Pets is the exact game for you. Help the dog escape the stings of the angry bees.

Protecting your pet from the stings of bees and other perils that lurk in the natural world is the purpose of the game. In the game Save My Pet, you may make paintings using the "MOUSE" button to create a shield for your pet. As you go through the stages, the challenges will get more difficult, and you will need to devise new tactics to overcome them. Let's get started on the shield designs, shall we?

How you can keep your dog safe

After you have ensured an adequate level of security, you are free to let go.
Hold your ground and wait for the bees in the hive to launch an assault.
Keep your hand on the wall for a few seconds to prevent the bees from attacking the dog.
Create a barrier for the dog to stand behind by drawing a line.
You will always have the ability to draw the line so long as you do not let go.