Noob vs Hugi Waggi: Escape

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About Noob vs Hugi Waggi: Escape

Noob vs Hugi Waggi: Escape is an interesting fleeing game with a unique style to experience. The scary monster is chasing you to run quickly forward.

You can play as one of up to sixty different characters, such as Nubik, Pro, Cheater, Superheroes, Traitor, Stickman, or Hacker, as you navigate an infinite path in order to reach safety. You must do everything in your power to avoid falling into the hands of your adversary, and you must always demonstrate your bravery and your ability to react. Get the food that will give you energy, as well as the gems and money that will enable you to unlock certain improvements to make your journey simpler, and get ready to have a fantastic time in the process.

You have found yourself stranded in a gloomy mine in the world of Minecraft, and an evil and scary creature known as Huggy Wuggy is on the hunt for you, ready to take your life. In the game Noob vs. Hugi Waggi: Escape, the objective is to get out of this perilous scenario as quickly as possible while avoiding turning around or looking behind you.

How to control the game

You can use the AD or arrow keyboard to move