Mr. Hunter

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About Mr. Hunter

Do you like to transform into a hunter? Mr. Hunter is a shooting game that allows you to transform into the best hunters in the deep forest.

The human race need not continue to wage war against the natural world any longer. The fact that there is no violence in the game removes any moral dilemmas that may arise when playing Mr. Hunter. Develop your skills as a sniper in order to complete the mission of reestablishing the natural order of the land. Maintain your composure and pay close attention to detail to get three stars on each level.

Engaging gameplay

It's possible that, at first sight, gamers may assume they're looking at a side-scrolling video game. On the other hand, the hero does not need to move at any point. The objective of the game is to shoot bison that are positioned in various regions of the level. Since there is a limited supply of ammunition, you must ensure that each shot counts. This is the most effective technique to do that:

  • Keep an eye on the laser to set the appropriate angle, then depress the button to start the firing sequence.
  • It's possible to clear the way for better visibility by destroying crates, TNT, and other objects.
  • Shoot the walls in order to employ ricochets to strike the targets that are in difficult-to-access areas.