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iScribble is a light entertainment game that helps players have a valuable relaxing time. Join and compete against online players around the world.

Unlike other adventurous games, iScribble entertains with simple physics, easy control, the opportunity to draw what you desire, and thrill while competing with other players. This game lets you compete to see who has the most land and can live the longest. Join iScribble at iScribble.io now!

Introducing iScribble.io adapts the game to.io style.

Control a little square to form a line-shaped tail and mark your region in this game. Closed circles make these playing grounds yours. When players are creating a circle, you may crash into their tails to strike. Be cautious when other players approach you. They may trap you and kill you.

Also, utilize the minimap to follow other players. The game leaderboard on the top-right screen shows your rank and the top players. To top the scoreboard, extend your territory as safely as possible! After each round, check your achievements and playing time to assess your control and courage.


  • Animated artwork that is both colorful and bright, as well as really cool.
  • You may simply improve your rank by using the minimap and the leaderboard.
  • A multiplayer sketching game with elements of competition
  • Easy-to-use controls and straightforward mechanisms
  • Choose a preferred hue and a moniker for your fictional protagonist.
  • Freedom to draw concentric rings prior to being assaulted.

How to play

  • Drag the mouse to move your character around the screen.