Horror Tale: Kidnapper

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About Horror Tale: Kidnapper

Horror Tale: Kidnapper welcomes you to the amazing mystical game space. This is a horror game where you will enjoy haunting adventures with beautiful graphics.

In the first part of this terrifying experience, you will meet your buddy Harry. As you are waiting for your parents to come back from their trip, Harry has devised a strategy to protect you from a kidnapper who targets youngsters. You are going to work along with him to attempt to strengthen the tree home so that the terrifying kidnapper won't be able to come to you. In the path that leads to your objective, you will encounter challenges, times of anxiety, unexpected twists and turns, as well as a great deal of fun.

You'll need to throw yourself headfirst into a fascinating and adventurous journey with the game's main protagonists if you want to succeed at this scary game. You are destined to find the answer to this sinister mystery, which involves the disappearance of children in Lakewitch over a period of time. Who is the kidnapper, and what is his motivation for taking the hostages? Where exactly are the children going, and what can be done to rescue them? If you don't let your nerves get the best of you, you should be able to solve all of the problems and discover the solutions.

Outstanding features of the game

  • Excellently styled graphic design.
  • 5 varied locales
  • Soundtrack was created by the original author
  • A tale that is both mysterious and interesting.
  • A terrifying adversary and several fascinating personalities
  • Conundrums, conundrums, and things to hunt for

How to play

  • Press the WASD key to move
  • Press the F key to take action
  • Press the C key to crouch (If you crouch, the noise will be less)
  • Press the H key to suggest a menu
  • Press the X key to leave the item
  • Press the G key to throw an item
  • Press P to pause, skip cutscenes