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About GrindCraft

GrindCraft is an idle game inspired by the famous Minecraft game. Manage your resources and create new ones, do everything, and develop your own maps.

Creating, understanding, and using automation

Obtaining One's Resources

GrindCraft takes away Minecraft's 3D component and allows players to concentrate more on the's crafting features. You may begin cutting down trees for wood and collecting materials with a fist, as in Minecraft's survival mode, and you can hack down trees for timber.

Crafting better tools

Once you have accumulated a sufficient amount of wood, you will have the ability to fashion wooden equipment such as axes and spades, which will make it much simpler to harvest resources.

The blending process happens in a total of four click boxes. They are referred to as the outside world, the mine, the food, and the crowd respectively. The kind of objects you may harvest is determined on the types of tools and supplies you already possess. For instance, you won't be able to collect any lava if you don't have a bucket to put it in. The frequency with which raw mineable resources are shown in this section is determined by the rarity of the resource.

Employ local villager labor to get the job done.

Once you have amassed sufficient resources to construct a town, you will be able to populate it with people who will work to harvest produce by automating your processes.

How to play

You just need to use the mouse to play this game.