Graffiti Time

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About Graffiti Time

The latest extremely attractive platform game called Graffiti Time is loved by players everywhere. Make your way through the streets to avoid the robots.

Mr. Fat Cap has made the decision to go on a journey throughout the globe in order to leave his lovely graffiti all over the place! In Graffiti Time, you will have a one-of-a-kind experience in which you will leap, try not to be caught by the cops, and decorate walls with bright spray paint. Are you up for the challenge?

In this entertaining puzzle game, you get to go about the city and put up different pieces of street art. In order to finish each level, you must tag as much as you can and make it to the enormous spray paint can. You may even personalize your work by giving it a free-hand tag, which is possible with certain things. Be careful not to be caught by the cop-bots, or then you'll have to go downtown, and then your fun will be over.

How to control this unique platform game

  • Move with the left and right arrow keys or the alphabet keyboard AD
  • W or up Use arrow keys to jump.
  • C: Create graffiti and start tagging freely in front of city props using spray paint.