G-Switch 3

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About G-Switch 3

The skill-matching video game G-Switch 3 is a one-of-a-kind game and it tests your reflexes. You have full control over the choice of multiplayer mode or not.

Now that you've waited for it for such a long time, you may access the third and last section of the game. A significant amount of new material is presented to you in the third chapter of G-Switch. In the single-player game mode, you will be responsible for controlling two runners starting from this point on. In addition, you need to be on the lookout for any sawblade traps that could be in your way. In the multiplayer portion of the game, you are going to make use of two different boosters in addition to cloning. This chapter presents five new characters for the reader to meet. You may play with as many as eight other people at the same time using the option for a multiplayer game mode, and each player's controls can be customized. Whoever makes it the farthest will emerge victorious from this competition.

Advice and instructions

  • You have the option of playing multiplayer games with real people or AIs.
  • Try to make the transition as soon as possible before you reach the obstacle, rather than waiting until you reach it.
  • You may either use the keyboard or the mouse to play the game. Find out what approaches are successful for you!


  • Left-click is the command for Player 1.
  • Players 2-8 should do this from the main menu of the game.