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About FlyorDie.io

Welcome to FlyorDie.io to enjoy the exciting battle as a fly. In this fighting game, you will become a fly and join the surviving battle. It is more thrilling than Cuphead because you will be fighting a lot of other players.

Unlike FNF vs Impostor Among Us V3 Mod, this game is a multiplayer game. It is competitive. Will you be able to overcome all the difficulties and conquer this game? Start the FlyorDie.io game and show off your skills.


Like Shell Shockers, you need to control your character to fight other players. However, this game has a different gameplay.

In this multiplayer game, you will become a little fly. Control it and eat a lot of animals that are smaller than you. These animals have a green border. Avoid species with red borders. They are dangerous because they can eat you. Eat as much as you can and become the biggest fly on the map.