Fish Eat Fish 3 Players

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Play Fish Eat Fish 3 Players to compete with other players by hunting for food together. To become the largest fish in the ocean, consume as many smaller fish as you can.

Fish Eat Fish 3 Players Rules

Invite your friends to join you in having fun now because this game can be played with 3 players. You and your companions will begin with small fish. Let's direct your small fish so that they swim around and consume smaller fish.

To become stronger than your rivals, try to eat as many fish as you can. Keep in mind that the bigger you are, the higher your score will be. To get the highest score possible, try your best to become the largest fish in the ocean.

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How to control

  • PLAYER 1: Press the WASD keys to move.
  • PLAYER 2: Press ARROW KEYS to move.
  • PLAYER 3: Use the mouse to move.

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