Drac & Franc

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About Drac & Franc

The thrilling adventure in the game Drac & Franc will take you to a completely new world of fantasy. This is a horror-themed platform game for you to explore.

Drac is an old vampire, and he has the ability to collect potions, while Franc has the ability to collect screws. Tyham in this game you and another person can play together playing on the same keyboard if you both have copies of the game. The goal shouldn't be too confusing, but you should be prepared to seize the opportunity as you go through various fascinating stages. After obtaining all the necessary goods, the only thing left to do is to go to the door leading to the outside.

The playing instruction

  • Move and jump with two different monsters using the WASD keyboard keys for one of the characters for player 1
  • ARROW keys for 2nd player
  • Don't forget to pick up the crystals, as you'll need to wipe everything in your path before you can reach the door and complete your ultimate goal in each level, which is to get out of there.
  • Helping Drac collect the vials of blood and Frank collecting the metal screws is your first task in each level.
  • You are being timed, so you should try to complete each level as fast as you can. Watch out for spikes as well as other traps and barriers that may stand in your way, and make sure to work together to conquer these challenges, such as when you need to jump on top of others to reach higher points, as a group will.

Have a good time playing the game