Cave Blast

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About Cave Blast

Cave Blast is an extremely attractive shooting action game that will bring you new experiences. Transform into a smart pig that wipes out the enemies.

The little pig has just a jetpack and a strong gun with him as he is stuck inside of the mysterious cave. At the same time, he was battling off legions of nasty opponents, acquiring powerups, and employing different weapons that would assist him, all of which let him survive for the longest amount of time possible. There is a larger selection of cute characters, game kinds, adorable characters, and enemies from which to choose. Cave Blast is a fast-paced shooting game with a vast cast of characters that the player may control. Direct your fire against the creatures and the bats! In this action game, you are given the challenge of flying while also firing your weapon at the same time. You may pretend to be a competent elf, vampire, dog, or pig. Get ready to devote every waking minute of your day to playing this game on the computer!

How to play

  • Aiming is accomplished with the mouse, while the movement may be accomplished with the WASD or arrow keys.
  • The loading and gathering of weapons occur inside spike rings that have question marks on them.

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