Call of the Summit

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About Call of the Summit

The most popular game today called Call of the Summit will help you have moments of relaxation and fun. You will go to the arena to fight other enemies.

You along with other genuine players will have the opportunity to participate in some very epic battles if you choose to play this game. You will have access to five different heroes, including knights, mages, archers, ninjas and warriors. Each of them has distinct qualities as well as active skill sets that give them the ability to deal massive damage to an area or quickly close the gap between them and others.

The gameplay

After deciding on your character rank, head to the arena where you will compete with other players for the title of champion.

Discovered chests and crates can be used to store essentials, so it's important to search the large area carefully. You will gain considerable experience by defeating beasts that roam the forest, which is essential to leveling up.

In addition, many artifacts that improve your attributes will drop to the ground after you defeat your opponent. Due to the limited space in your luggage, choose the items you bring with you carefully.

If you want your hero to be even stronger, you need to spend talent points to level up the skill tree. Crystals can be obtained through the game and used to purchase cool new skins. Raise your status, complete all your milestones, and dominate the leaderboard to become the best player.