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About Cuphead

Welcome to the Cuphead game where you have a chance to enjoy amazing adventures with the Cuphead character! Have you played this game before? This game is a must-tried game and you will not be disappointed if you play this game.

Why is this entertaining game so attractive? This game is a combination of many different game genres. You can experience challenges like playing action, shooting, and running games. It is a great combination of game genres that makes this game more appealing to players. You can play this action game for hours without getting bored. Let's play this game now and enjoy great entertainment moments after a hard-working day. Have a nice time!

The Formation And Development

This game is also known by another name, Cuphead: Don't Deal with the Devil. However, we can call it the Cuphead game for short. This game is produced and developed by StudioMDHR. After many innovations, this game has attracted millions of players every year. Let's take a look at the outstanding innovations that the developer has brought in over the past 9 years.

In 2013, this game was released to the Microsoft Windows and Xbox communities. It is not possible for players to play on other platforms. Therefore, the developer has continued to develop the Cuphead game on other platforms such as macOS in 2018, Nintendo Switch in 2019, and PlayStation 4 in 2020. These improvements have helped players experience this gun game in a different way. Now, you can play the Cuphead game online on our website.

Characters and Bosses

In the Cuphead game, there are 2 main characters. They are Cuphead and Mugman, his brother. You will control 2 characters to overcome all challenges to gain victory. Besides that, you will see some supporting characters such as Elder Kettles, Porkrind, King Dice, and The Devil. The number of characters is great in this game.

However, the number of bosses is more. This number can reach 31 bosses. Some significant bosses are The Root Pack, Goopy Le Grande, Hilda Berg, and Cagney Carnation.

Outstanding Achievements

The Cuphead game has been appreciated for its graphics and gameplay. Players who have played this game have raved about it. It is easy to see compliments on the engaging gameplay and impressive graphics.

In addition, the game was also commercially successful. This game has sold over 4 million copies as of 2019. Cartoons related to this shooting game are also produced. For example, you can watch the movie, The Cuphead Show! on Netflix.

Game Modes Being Suitable for Gamers

In this Cuphead game, you can play in two different game modes. Specifically, 1 Player and 2 Players modes are available. You can play alone or cooperate with other players to play this shooting game. Let's choose based on your preferences. Playing alone will help you relax and improve your fighting ability while playing in 2 Players mode allows you to improve your teamwork skills. Both game modes take you to the challenging world of Cuphead. Therefore, don't hesitate to challenge yourself with both modes!

Endless Inspiration Of This Action Game

When playing this game, you will experience many different stages. Each stage brings you different experiences. It is not random to have these stages. Instead, the Cuphead game is inspired by the animated movie of the same name. Although this animated film has been released since the 30s of the last century, the film has become extremely attractive and lively after being adapted into this game.

In this fictional world, Cuphead and his brother Mugman are controlled by Elber Kettle. One day, two brothers were participating in craps games at the Devil's Casino. Firstly, the two brothers won a lot. However, after that, the two brothers lost after confronting the Devil. Cuphead and Mugman fear losing their souls to the Devil. Therefore, Cuphead made a deal with the Devil. He will go to capture and take the souls of other debtors of the Devil. Instead, the Devil won't take the Cuphead brothers' souls. As a result, adventures begin with the Cuphead brothers.

The Origin of Cuphead's Power

Cuphead has the ability to fire bullets from his fingers. This power was invented by Elder Kettle who gave the Cuphead brothers a magical potion. This potion allowed them to destroy enemies with bullets from their fingers. In particular, these bullets are endless. You can use the bullets until you die or win.

Gameplay Of The Cuphead Game

In order to overcome all challenges in this game, you need to control your character, Cuphead, and Mugman, to avoid dangers and shoot down your enemies. On your way, there are many obstacles and opponents that always want to kill you. Therefore, you need to be careful!

Dangers On Your Way

There are two dangers, including obstacles and enemies. You can face obstacles such as deep holes or tree trunks that shoot bullets. These obstacles do not move. However, they can destroy you if you do not pay attention to their position or firing time.

Another danger is enemies such as bees, mushrooms, or other animals. They can move and appear in many different positions. If you don't avoid them, you will be destroyed. In particular, you will face bosses. These bosses are extremely dangerous because they have greater power than other enemies. You need to use your shooting and movement skills to shoot down enemies while avoiding the bosses' attacks. This game will require the quick reflexes of the players. Therefore, it can be challenging if you play the action game for the first time.

How To Control

In this game, you need to use the arrow keys to select and press Z to confirm. Besides, the character control keys are also extremely important.

  • Use WASD or Arrow keys to move.
  • Press the Z key to parry.
  • Press the X key to shoot.
  • Press the C key to shrink.
  • Press the V key to EX move (requires at least 1 card).
  • Press the Q key to swap weapons.

Noticeable Challenges

This version offers some main stages to players. At each level, you have to face a different boss. Each boss has unique abilities and will attack your character until he falls. You only have 3 HP, so you must be careful. I think that you can beat these bosses if you know more about them.

First Challenges

The first challenge you have to face is the giant bird. This challenge requires you to fly a plane and shoot down this boss. However, the boss at this level is very dangerous because it can shoot out eggs. You need to avoid these eggs. In particular, when the eggs of this boss collide with the wall, they will explode and create deadly debris. You need to avoid this debris if you don't want to die.

Besides, the danger of the first boss does not stop. It can fire 3 huge bullets at the same time. Avoid these bullets by taking advantage of the gaps of the bullets. After that, use your shooting skills to kill your enemies. You will have to shoot this boss for a while before this boss is destroyed. Be persistent and overcome all the challenges!

Second challenges

After you have repelled the bluebird, you will face a smaller bird. This is the son of the first boss. Do you think it's easier to defeat with its small appearance? Actually, this level is more difficult than the first level. It will be difficult for your character to hit this boss because its appearance is quite small. In addition, its bullets can also block your bullets. You need to be very clever and dodge the bullets of the boss.

Third challenges

When you defeat this baby bird, it will call its father into battle. You will meet the boss again at the first level. However, its appearance will change. The first boss is very pathetic but their appearance does not affect his strength. In addition, the bluebird will have two more assistants. Two small birds carrying the boss can shoot pills. Remember to always stay out of everything that is fired.

Final Challenges - The Way To Win

The final challenge is to defeat King Dice. However, it is never easy to win him. You have to roll the dice to choose the challenge you need to participate in. There are 9 different stages. You need to pass the bosses of those 9 stages. Each stage has a unique boss with different fighting abilities. For example, you will need to fight cocktails with the ability to shoot deadly liquids or fight two frog brothers with the ability to shoot special bullets. Note that you may replay a stage if you roll the dice with the same result. Conquer all the stages and defeat the final boss to gain victory in the Cuphead game.

Cuphead Online

Cuphead Online is an amazing running and action game that is available on the web browser. This online version will bring you more fights with bosses.

With the aim of accessing more players, the developer releases this online version which has more interesting features and levels. You can use your computer or mobile device to play it as long as you have free time. One new feature of this game is four levels of difficulty. You can choose them before entering a fight. Note that each level of difficulty will have a unique characteristic.

  • Simple: In this level, the speed of the boss is slow, so you can easily dodge their attacks.
  • Regular: This level is considered to be a normal level in this game.
  • Expert: This level is suitable for skillful players as the speed of bosses in this mode is faster. Moreover, their attacks cause more damage. It is difficult for you to take down them because their health is boosted in this mode.
  • Invisible Challenge: This level is said to be a nightmare for all players because the bullets of bosses are invisible. When playing this level, you must predict exactly the positions of bullets and evade them skillfully.

Select one of the above levels of difficulty and enjoy this game now. Mighty bosses in the game are awaiting you! Try your best to knock them out and good luck!