World's Hardest Game

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About World's Hardest Game

The world's hardest challenges in World's Hardest Game are waiting for someone as smart as you to conquer. Your confidence may decline while playing this game.

While you are playing this game, it will make you briefly feel like laughing, crying, and going mad. If you manage to win the World's Hardest Game, people will look up to you as a hero. See how far you can go, and if you get stuck, read the hints that we have provided below!

Valuable tips to help you easily conquer this difficult game

Stay calm.

This game's first level is challenging but attainable. After beating the first level, you'll learn you can go farther with patience.

Rest and checkpoints

Some levels include resting spots outside the blue balls. These rare chances might help you organize your ideas. Some levels have to save spots.

Move decisively.

World's Hardest Game survival requires timing and accuracy. Make your move at the right time even a split second matters.

Study the levels.

You'll die often until you speedrun. That lets you learn the level and see your mistakes. Plan your route to the green square by watching how the barriers move.

How to control this tricky game

  • You use the arrow keys to move through the barriers.