Wood Farmer

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About Wood Farmer

Wood Farmer is a fun simulation game in which you can mine resources, build buildings, and travel to various islands. Working hard, you will have a great project.

Construct houses.

The adventure game known as Wood Farmer is uncomplicated and simple to get the hang of. Eliminate trees, excavate a variety of materials, and transfer them to the construction foundations for the bridge and the building. Take a look at how the blocks put themselves together!

Discover uncharted territory.

As you go over the islands and discover more of them, you will come across a variety of ecosystems, as well as merchants who, in return for a few moments of your time, will improve your equipment. You'll be able to make things and advance your character more rapidly, as well as find sand, snow, and other peculiar locations if you accomplish this.


  • Collect a wide range of materials, then proceed with the construction.
  • Improve your equipment for speedier results.
  • Bringing life to the mine and building in a way that is enjoyable.
  • Stunning graphics in three dimensions.


  • You can navigate the environment by navigating with the arrow keys or the WASD keys, and you may click on buttons by clicking the left mouse button.