Where's My Pizza?

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About Where's My Pizza?

Where's My Pizza? is a 3D game that has a lot of interesting, curious features. You will transform into an experienced employee delivering cakes to consumers.

In the third-person puzzle game called "Where's My Pizza? you play a normal pizza delivery guy in a charming hamlet. At Paolo's, it is your responsibility to prepare, bake, and serve delicious pizzas to the famished citizens of the area. Move very carefully through the traffic if you want to deliver the pizzas without dropping any of them or, even worse, causing an accident. When it is essential to steer clear of obstructions and speed bumps, use the brakes with extreme caution. In addition to this, you have to be fast if you want to present the food while it is still sizzling hot! If both the pizza and the service are of high quality, customers will be more likely to leave generous tips. When your company's reputation grows, you could decide to expand the area that you distribute to as well as make other improvements, such as upgrading your food and appliance inventory, your trailer, and other items. It is also feasible to serve VIP customers, but you will have to manually bake the pizza from scratch. When you're done, don't forget to show your pals Who's a Better Cook by giving them a copy of Where's My Pizza?

How to play

  • To drive, maintain pressure on either the left mouse button or the space bar.