Water Jetpack Race

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About Water Jetpack Race

Join Water Jetpack Race to participate in thrilling water races. It is more interesting than Tap Tap Shots because you need to compete with other players to win.

While you just need to compete for more points in Penalty Kick Online, this game will ask you to compete with 3 players. Are you ready to conquer this game or not?

In particular, you can log in every day to receive a total of more than 1,000 diamonds in 7 days. You can also earn diamonds in many other ways. Use diamonds to unlock new skins for your character.

Special gameplay

Try to swim to the finish line first to win. Like Cuphead, there are many levels. However, your character has the ability to use a jetpack to fly. Left click to activate jetpack. The more you click, the higher your character will fly. You should pay attention to the energy ring in the middle of the playing screen. You cannot use it if you run out of energy. Wait for the energy ring to refill and continue flying.