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About Venge.io

Venge.io is an action game with many dangerous enemies. Aim correctly and successfully destroy the target that will win the game. Let's play with friends.

The name "Venge.io" refers to a first-person shooter video game that includes objectives. Every single match is a hard and one-of-a-kind experience thanks to the ability cards that you may acquire during the course of the game. You start the game with either Lilium or Shin, and you may select from one of four different basic weaponry. As of just this moment, the arsenal consists of the following: Select the weapon that results in the most deaths for you and then make use of it to achieve the top spot on the community scoreboard. Abilities When competing against other players, you have the opportunity to gain an edge by making use of a character's unique abilities, which are represented by "cards." To earn cards and progress through the levels, you'll need to rack up points by vanquishing your opponents and assuming possession of the flag. Collecting points via the elimination of opponents and the seizure of their flag allows players to move to higher levels, which grants access to more powerful abilities. Make use of them intelligently to rapidly beat difficult opponents and bring them under your control.


  • Fast-paced first-person shooter games.
  • Maps of the surrounding area.
  • Cards emotes, and skins can be unlocked.
  • Utilize crisp 3D images to provide a gaming experience that is smooth.


  • WASD to move
  • Space bar to jump
  • R to reload
  • I'm big do a melee attack
  • F to throw items
  • B to buy
  • Shift or RMG to focus
  • H to dance
  • Enter to chat
  • Hold B to turn cards
  • LMB to shoot