Traffic Tour

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About Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour is the only driving game that takes you to the ends of the great emotional spectrum. Show your driving ability to go the longest distance possible.

The game provides you with a variety of gameplay options, such as Campaign, in which you will attempt to accomplish a series of stages by completing all of the objectives that are presented to you. You may also play the game in the rapid game mode, which puts you in a competition against another player. There will be a great number of impediments in your path, such as other automobiles and large trucks. You have the option of purchasing new automobiles or enhancements for the ones you already have in the garage. Make sure you give this game a go since it includes easy-to-use controls and fantastic 3D visuals.

Outstanding Features

  • 40 distinct automobiles, each having its own color palette and set of wheels to choose from
  • Improve your automobiles in the following areas: speed, handling, and brakes
  • 5 different game modes: multiplayer, endless, career, time trial, and free run One hundred different missions in the career mode
  • 5 situations that are true to life: the highway, the city, the desert, the rain and snow, and both day and night.

In endless mode, you can get access to more automobiles by collecting more Blueprints. – While driving faster than 100 kilometers per hour, make an effort to pass other vehicles in traffic in order to get additional points and cash – Get more money while playing in endless mode. Driving in the other direction on two-way street results in more points and cash.

The guidelines to play

  • Press the W key to forward
  • Press D to Right
  • Press the L key to the Left
  • Press the S key to Brake
  • Press Shift = Nitrous ESC = Back