Top Shootout: The Saloon

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Play Top Shootout to participate in shooting battles and become the best gunner. In order to complete this goal, you need to collect as much gold as you can by taking out intruders from the saloon's windows and shooting them down.

Playing Guide Of Top Shootout: The Saloon

In the Wild West, bad guys attack a saloon. They shoot at anyone who gets close to the saloon and kidnap the hostages. You must use your rifle to eliminate the bad guys because you are the town's best gunner. Kill your rivals quickly and accurately before they do the same to you. Take care! Avoid firing at the hostages.

The gold and ammunition will occasionally appear. To collect, shoot at them. To get the highest score possible, do everything in your power to defeat as many opponents as possible.

More Information For You

How to control: To shoot, click the left mouse button.

Platforms: All devices.

Now is the time to test your shooting abilities in the game. In addition, you can try Cuphead, Slope Soccer, and Vampire Survivors to have more experience.