Tomb of the Mask 2

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About Tomb of the Mask 2

Tomb of the Mask 2 is a great arcade game that will take you on a whole new level of emotions. This game has many levels for you to conquer.

Tomb of the Mask 2 is a famous mobile game and now it is available on our website. It is a sequel to the original Tomb of the Mask, a fast-paced action game in which the player navigates through a maze-like tomb filled with obstacles and enemies while collecting treasure and Power up along the way.

The game has a unique pixel art style that gives it a classic feel while remaining modern and visually appealing. Players control a Minifigure that can move in four directions and jump, and they must use their skills to avoid traps, enemies, and hazards while collecting coins and power-ups.

Tomb of the Mask 2 offers a variety of game modes, including an endless mode where players see how far they can go before they die, and a time trial mode where players try to beat the good times. their best and challenge mode where players complete levels with specific goals.

Ways to play

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