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About Terraria

Terraria is an action game that makes you excited to experience the feeling of fighting bosses. Build houses and craft weapons to prepare for wars.

As you battle for survival, money, and glory, you have access to the whole world at your fingertips. Will you explore the depths of vast caverns in quest of gold and raw materials to use in the production of ever-evolving gear, machines, and aesthetics? You might, instead, decide to seek out more formidable adversaries so that you can prove your mettle in the fight against them. You will settle on the perhaps ideal of your very own metropolis in order to accommodate the many attractive companions that you are likely to meet on your travels.

The decision is entirely up to you in the world of Terraria!

Terraria is a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that combines aspects of traditional action games with the unrestricted creative potential of a sandbox-style environment. The player has total control over both the trip and the final destination in this game. The voyage of Terraria is truly as unique as each and every one of its players!

Controls to master this fascinating game

  • To navigate around, you may use the Left-Right or A-D keys.
  • To leap or fly, you need to press the Up Arrow Key to the Spacebar.
  • Attack, chopping, or digging may be accomplished by clicking the left mouse button.
  • To switch the camera's perspective, use the C key on your keyboard.
  • To open or shut your inventory, use the E key on your keyboard.
  • To pick different tools, use the 0-9 keypad.
  • To consume the elixir, press the letter H on your keyboard.
  • To cancel and start again, use the R key.
  • To enter the creative mode, press the letter K on your keyboard.