Tennis Masters

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About Tennis Masters

Tennis Masters is a sports game that fills you with super-powerful tee shots. You can play against the computer or against your own friends.

In the Tennis Master game, in which all of the greatest tennis players in the world have assembled, the play has just begun on some challenging tennis matches. These masters include some of the best-skilled tennis players from a variety of nations across the world. There are many different game types available, such as Single Player, Two Player, Tournament, and Friendly Match. The tournament game style allows you to begin a match anywhere in the globe. In the single-player variant of the game, you will compete against the computer, and in the two-player option, you may compete against a human opponent or a buddy. Throughout the course of the game, arbitrary power-ups will spawn across the net. You may get these power-ups by striking the ball in the appropriate direction.

How to control this famous sports game.

1 Player Controls

To hit, use X or LOOK
To smash, use Z or K
To move, use AD or left and right arrows
To jump, use W or up arrow

2 Player Controls

To hit, player 1 uses V, and player 2 uses L
To smash, player 1 uses B and player 2 uses K
To move, player 1 uses AD, and player 2 uses left and right arrows
To jump, player 1 uses W and player 2 uses the up arrow