Temple Run 2: Spooky Summit

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About Temple Run 2: Spooky Summit

Temple Run 2: Spooky Summit is a fun running game that now has a horror mode that changes how players feel when playing. Try playing with your friends.

In the endless runner game Temple Run 2: Spooky Summit, you must avoid being caught in any of the dangers or traps that you run into while evading the terrifying demonic apes who are after you. It has a creepy Halloween atmosphere, but other than that, the gameplay is pretty comparable to the experience of the original Temple Run 2 game. Take on the role of a werewolf and make your way through a treacherous environment filled with obstacles such as sticky spider webs, scary pumpkins, poisonous slimy rivers, eerie dark tunnels, and rickety bone bridges, among other things. But you must move rapidly! The terrible monkeys are still chasing after you. The conventional Temple Run 2 experience is made more exciting with the addition of the Spooky Summit map. Are you ready to go on a classic journey that will still challenge and excite you? Make the most of a brand-new map to bring your worst fears to life!

How to play

  • Keyboard Move
  • AD or Left/Right arrow keys Jump
  • W or Up arrow key Slide down
  • S or Down arrow key Mobile Move and turn - swipe left/right Jump - swipe up Slide - swipe do