Temple Run 2

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About Temple Run 2

Have you ever played Temple Run 2 to collect coins and avoid obstacles while escaping a strange temple with a huge monster? Let's start this running game now and utilize boosters as well as collect coins to conquer thrilling adventures!


Controls: Move using the arrow keys.

  • Use the arrow keys to control your character in this Temple Run 2 game.
  • Jump by pressing the up arrow key.
  • To leap over obstacles and traverse perilous abysses, press and hold this key.
  • You can slide over the obstacles that you can't jump over by pressing the down arrow key.
  • When coming to a turn, press the left and right arrow keys to change direction.

There are numerous obstacles in your way, and they keep appearing. Attempt to pass them and obtain the highest possible score. You are being pursued by a dangerous monster. Avoid being caught by running as quickly as possible. Have fun!

The Temple Run 2 game is a fast-paced running game, and as you progress through the levels, your speed will increase. Make an effort to adjust and break impressive records!

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