Tap Tap Shots

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If you are a sports enthusiast, Tap Tap Shots will be an ideal entertainment game for you. Tap Tap Shots is a sports clicking-based game in which you need to tap to throw the ball into the basket. Try to get as many points as possible.

This game is inspired by basketball which is a classic sport. Although it is classic like Snake Game, this sport still is exciting thanks to innovations when becoming an online game. In the Tap Tap Shots game, the ball will be thrown from many different positions. You need to put these balls in the baskets. Baskets will also be placed in multiple positions. In particular, after each score, the basket will change position.

Each time you throw the ball into the basket, you get points. The score is based on the height of the ball before it is thrown into the basket. The higher you throw the ball, the higher your score. With regular throws, you can get a point. However, 3 points are the number of points for good pitches. Besides, when you get 3 points, your ball will activate super mode. You can see the yellow smoke coming from the ball in super mode compared to the white smoke in normal mode. The super mode will help your ball move more easily for a certain amount of time.

The deciding factors for getting a high score

Getting a high score in this sports game is not easy. The most important thing is to control your click force. This is important as controlling your character in Cuphead where your character can be killed with any mistake in moving. In this sports game, you will not be able to throw the ball into the basket if you use too much force and too little force. The force depends on how long you click the mouse. If you see low baskets, you can click gently to use less force. It is in contrast when you play with the high basket.

Another important thing is where the ball will fall. You need to decide when to stop clicking so that the balls can hit the target when it falls. This is again a difficult challenge for the players.

In addition, you also need to time. The first time you throw the ball, time is infinite. Time will start to activate when you start your shots with the second basket. You have 5 seconds to click. Then, if your ball enters the basket, the game will move to the 3rd basket. However, if the ball slips out of the basket, the game is over and you will receive your score. You can see the time bar at the top of the screen. 5 seconds is very fast so you need to quickly throw the ball.

Finally, you should learn from the experience for the next pitches. Observing and determining the most ideal pitching point is very important. You can rely on experience to make more accurate decisions. Besides, practicing many times also helps you get used to the gameplay of the Tap Tap Shots game.


Getting the highest scores is the goal of many players when playing Tap Tap Shots. High scores not only show up on your screen but also on the leaderboard which all other players can see. The leaderboard is divided into today, week, month, and all time. The players with the highest score will be honored on this leaderboard and receive admiration from other players. It is possible to compete with other players for the leading ranks. It can be more competitive than battles in Dynamons World. Do you want to put your name on this admirable leaderboard? Try your best and get achievements!