Super Falling Fred

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About Super Falling Fred

Welcome to the game Super Falling Fred. This is an online multiplayer web game with unique missions. Try to help his character down as long as possible.

It is a sequel to the popular Falling Fred game and was in 2012. The game is an endless runner-style game in which the player controls Fred, a character falling through a series of obstacles.

The objective of the game is to guide Fred through the obstacles and avoid getting hit by them. The game has different levels with different obstacles and challenges, and the player must collect coins and power-ups to progress through the game.

Super Falling Fred features 3D graphics and a variety of game modes, including Campaign mode, Challenge mode, and Endless mode. The game also has a variety of characters to choose from, each with their unique abilities and attributes.

Some tips for playing Super Falling Fred

  • Watch your timing: Timing is everything in this game. Make sure you time your jumps and slides correctly to avoid obstacles and collect coins.
  • Collect coins: Collect as many coins as possible to increase your score and unlock new characters.
  • Use power-ups: Use power-ups to help you progress further in the game. The rocket power-up, for example, can help you fly through the level and avoid obstacles.
  • Upgrade your character: As you collect coins, use them to upgrade your character's abilities. This will make it easier to progress through the levels.
  • Watch out for hazards: Keep an eye out for hazards like spikes and fire, and be ready to jump or slide to avoid them.
  • Try different characters: There are several characters to unlock in the game, each with their own unique abilities. Experiment with different characters to find one that suits your playstyle.
  • Practice: Like any game, practice makes perfect. Keep playing and you'll get better over time.

How to controls

  • Use the left arrow key to move Fred to the left.
  • Use the right arrow key to move Fred to the right.
  • Use the up arrow key to jump.
  • Use the down arrow key to slide.
  • If you are using a gamepad, the control scheme may vary depending on the type of gamepad you have.
  • You can also use the mouse to control the character by clicking on the left or right side of the screen to move Fred in the corresponding direction and clicking on the middle to make him jump.

Keep in mind that the controls may take some time to get used to, so it's a good idea to practice and experiment with different control schemes until you find one that works best for you.