Stickman Escape School 2

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About Stickman Escape School 2

Following the success of the first part, Stickman Escape School 2 was released. This is an adventure game where you will be transformed into a lazy student.

In this game, you will transform into a character who does not like to study but still has to go to school because that is a student's responsibility. But after getting bored with the teacher's constant lectures, you decide to walk away without worrying about the consequences. Carefully choose the right solution to all the challenges that stand in your way and successfully escape to enjoy the freedom you crave once and for all.

The playing guidance

Players will be tasked with making decisions about various objects and story points, all of which will influence the game's progression. It is wonderful to realize that even the smallest of your activities will affect whether or not Stickman will be able to plod and gladly skip school. Perhaps you might go to class and annoy your teacher! Put your will to use to make this a day that our hero will never forget.