Stickman Army Team Battle

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About Stickman Army Team Battle

Stickman Army Team Battle is a game that helps you increase the feeling of relaxation when you control your army to fight the enemy. Victory or defeat?

Prepare yourself for a fight with a malicious organization that lives in the bush and causes trouble for the locals. You will fight the conflict using three different strategies: the first strategy will raise the number of soldiers available to you, the second strategy will provide you with defensive features, and the third strategy will give you access to air strikes and bomb assaults. If you choose your actions intelligently and prudently, you will emerge victorious from this conflict.

How to play this fascinating game

  • You just need to click to play.

Outstanding features you should know when playing this game

  • Green and red teams may be played.
  • There are three types of action:
  • You should play the slot machine to select your next move.
  • Power-ups that can be picked up on the battlefield.

We always want to bring players the best and healthiest games. Hope you will enjoy this game.