Sniper Shot Bullet Time

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About Sniper Shot Bullet Time

Sniper Shot Bullet Time is a great game for sniper lovers. Aim accurately and see where the bullet hits the enemy's body parts. Practice aiming at the top.

In the game Sniper Shot Bullet Time, you may look forward to a variety of spectacular killings, an original gameplay style, X-ray cameras, a plethora of visual effects, and a lot of other fascinating stuff. Get ready for your time to become highly enjoyable!

When the time is perfect, wield a sniper rifle with all of your might and get ready to squeeze the trigger in order to obliterate your opponents who are stationed at the heights of the surrounding buildings. Participating in this unsettling conflict will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to feel a tremendous surge of adrenaline. Keep a close eye on your surroundings, always watch your back, and get ready to fight. Are you prepared to put your bravery and accuracy as a marksman to the test by becoming a sniper?

How to play this unique shooting game

  • WASD: movement
  • Right Mouse Button: aim
  • Left Mouse Button: shoot
  • Scroll: zoom in / out
  • Space: jump