Slope 3

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Welcome to Slope 3 to enjoy a fast-paced rolling ball game. Control your ball, pass all the platforms and obstacles, and get the highest score possible.

There are many types of games running on our website. For example, you can enjoy Slope Run to join exciting adventures with the ball in two modes: Level and Infinite. You also can join Cuphead which takes you to a match between Cuphead and bosses.

However, this game is still highly appreciated besides the above games thanks to various exciting features. By participating in this running game, you have a chance to enjoy eye-catching 3D neon graphics and experience rapidly changing slopes. Like Geometry Dash Lite, there are tons of crazy and challenging obstacles such as moving roadblocks, treacherous tunnels, and killer walls.

Play the Slope 3 game now to gain admirable achievements and become one of the most talented players on the leaderboard. Good luck!