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About Slither.io

Slither.io is the most popular snake game with the largest number of players today. You need to move quickly to hunt to become the top snake in the rankings.

You can obtain shiny pellets in this game by sliding through the live multiplayer arena and collecting them as you move. As you eat more orbs, your snake will grow bigger and longer. You can beat other players in the game by slithering around them and making their heads bump into your firefly's body. The second worm will then explode, releasing a string of glowing energy for you to collect.

If you go to the main menu and select "Change Skin" in the bottom left corner of the screen, you will be given the option to choose a new snake. You will then be given the option to choose a skin or build your own unique snake by tapping the "Make a Slither" button located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

The playing instruction

By holding down the left mouse button or pressing and holding the up button, you can speed yourself up to allow you to attack other players or run away from your opponents. Double-tap the screen, then long-press for touch-screen devices. However, you should be cautious as increasing your speed can shorten the length of the snake you control.